7 March 2013

The Deli that saved me

This picture doesn't do the panini justice! It was only half of it, and it was amazing.

The morning before Soundwave I was hugely hungover. HUGELY. I felt horrible. Terrible.

In an effort to make myself feel better, Ruhee & I went down the road from her place to the Spring Hill Deli & Produce.

I walked in and they didn't have what I was after on the menu - I just wanted some kind of fresh sandwich. The lovely lady with bright blue hair noticed my hesitancy and asked what I was after. She went out the back and came back to let me know they could make a ham, cheese and tomato panini for me.

While I was waiting she asked if I was okay - I ust have looked pretty crap. After explaining I was hungover and felt like death warmed up she very sweetly offered me some water and a chair. The woman was a godsend.

While waiting for my panini, I found an avocado in their produce section - you can't image my excitement, it was just what I wanted to add to my lunch.

She put the avo through for me and passed me a huge paper wrapped parcel.

Upon arriving back at Ruhee's and opening my parcel - I found the biggest, most delicious looking panini ever!! There was a mass of shaved ham and layers of cheese with some tomato's in crisp and soft delicious bread. I put in my avo and was happy as can be!

I felt so much better - thank you so much to that lovely lady for feeding me what I needed to make it to my festival!

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