26 February 2013

Places I've been..

Choose your own...
I want to travel to as many countries as my age... still a few to go yet! If I didn't keep returning to countries I would have made it ages ago!

2. Fiji
4. Rarotonga
6. Hong Kong
7. Korea
8. UK
9. France
10. Monaco
11. Austria
12. Germany
13. Liechtenstein
14. Switzerland
15. Netherlands
16. Belgium
17. Greece
18. Vietnam
19. Bali
20. America
21. Japan
22. Bahamas
23. Turkey
24. Italy

So currently I am 2 down. Canada will be ticked off this year and unfortunately Hawaii and Japan don't count. Seems I need to find one more to trip to before December 9th!

19 February 2013

Hawaii in a heartbeat?

Well... Okay!

That just happened.

My lovely Mum just sent me an email from Air NZ titled 'Hawaii in a heartbeat.' Next thing you know, I've booked tickets to Hawaii!! Yehhaaa!!!

Sometimes things are just meant to be. Today I was talking about whether I should go with about three different people so when Mum said she had sent me the email and it was for the perfect dates I really had no option but to book!


New additions to my pin board...

18 February 2013

Casetagram - Instagram iPhone case

Stumbled upon this the other day when I saw someone who had a phone with Instagram prints on it. Next thing you know I’m ‘googling Instagram iPhone Case’ - google is one of my best friends.

Found the site, easy to use and voila! Castegram popped up. My iPhone case is on its way.

I’m not usually an advocate for random brands but this has just saved me soo much time thinking of gift ideas for people! You can also use Facebook pics or your own uploads. Just $35 including international delivery.

Can’t wait to get it! Will post a pic when I do.

15 February 2013

Buck's night party food

Buck's night party food
My flatmate held a Buck's night here for his mate and boys being boys, didn't think to organise any party food... or decorations... or anything really. Typical males!

Anyway I didn't think it was fair for this guy go to into married life without experiencing some boob-like food for his bucks. Especially considering that he wasn't even having a stripper due to his religion. Imagine my disappointment!

So I googled Buck night party food, Buck night party nibbles, a whole heap of options (I'm a fantastic googler if I do say so myself!) and was surprised at the lack of ideas. Even on Pinterest. So thought I would add in my two cents here.

Boob marshmallows
Due to lack of time (story of my life) I was looking for quick options and came up with these... marshmallow boobs and boob cookies. Both super easy.

Biscuit boobies: buy (who has time to bake these days?) a pack of flat round biscuits. Mix up (or buy if you're lazy like me) some icing and spread over the cookies. With the remaining icing, add a drop of red food colouring to turn the mixture pink. I then used tooth picks to draw on the nipples and add some detail!

Buck night party nibbles - or should I say nipples?! Boob Cookies
Marshmallow boobs: Buy some big marshmallows and some small marshmallows. Use icing to attach little pink ones to the big white ones, arrange in pairs. Ta daaa!!!

Marshmallow boobies for Buck's night
Buck night party ideas

13 February 2013

Nagomi Bento - Eagle Street Pier

Well I didn’t think this place would be that much of a winner on a Friday night, I just thought it would be quick, fresh food. Little did I know!

Ruhee, Harry & I headed there after a few at Friday’s for a quick bite. We ordered a whole heap of different tapas, only $6 a plate. Okonomiyaki, fresh assorted sushi, spring rolls, edamame, dim sims, teriyaki chicken and of course, Gyoza!

But the real winner on the night were the ‘mini’ cocktails. I presume the only thing mini about them was the cup size and the price as it definitely wasn’t mini on alcohol. Try a watermelon one – AMAZE!!!!

Nagomi Bento on Urbanspoon

10 February 2013

Did I mention I'm moving?

I just want to exploreYep, to Canada. Or New York. But more likely Canada.

New York is my preference but the much more difficult option. A great friend of mine is working on getting me over there but it's a hard process. So each day it's looking more and more like Canada.

I'm leaving April 12 you see.

I go to Japan for 9 days to see the Sakura Festival and visit my mate Seiji then off to New Zealand to spend time with my family before I move away.

It's both daunting and liberating thinking I'm going somewhere that I not only haven't been before but where I don't know anybody.


9 February 2013

To do list: New Zealand

I am heading to NZ for a month from April 25th (fitting I will be in New Zealand & Australia on ANZAC Day) and I am thinking of a list of items to tick off while I'm back..
I'll be adding to it frequently.
  1. Milk a cow 
  2. Swim in Lake Taupo. Yes it will be freezing
  3. Eat fish & chips at the beach. Don't care which one
  4. Build something on the farm with my Dad
  5. Go to 'work' with my Mum. She volunteers a few times a week at the Arohanui Hospice Shop
  6. Take my brothers out to party in Wellington or Taupo
  7. Visit the Tui Mangatainoka Brewery

Suggestions welcome! Hit me!

7 February 2013

Bad dumplings

Ran out of time when we were running around Melbourne and so headed in here after I could't find any Sushi!

It's cheap, very cheap, and there is a reason why. Service was slow and food was horrible. The dumplings below were in a strange batter, not sure what but tasted like an under cooked pancake.

The next lot of dumplings we had were better but still not nice at all.

I wouldn't return.

Shanghai Dumpling House on Urbanspoon

6 February 2013

I'm a wedding designer!

Well, not quite. Maybe not at all.

But anyway, my friend Sara asked me to create a silhouette of her and her fiancé for their wedding invites.

Took me a while, but we got there.

She had them printed on tea towels with the date of their wedding. A bit cute!

5 February 2013

Best on Hamilton Island - CoCa Chu

CoCa Chu - Hamilton Island

CoCa Chu - best on Hamo!

I can not even describe to you how amazing the food at CoCa Chu is.
My mouth is watering just thinking about it. If you're on Hamilton Island you MUST visit.

Coca Chu is an Asian infused restaurant, fine dining in a casual area, right on the waterfront.

While it can be a little difficult to find the place (maybe it was the two mojito's I had earlier and my obvious lack of geographical knowledge) but is worth a little wander in some beautiful tropical gardens to find.
Lobster mmmm

We were lucky enough to be friends with a great guy who had been invited by the Chef to check CoCa Chu out, he in turn invited us and next thing I know there is a table of 16 of us making our delectable way through an 8 course tasting.

I had no idea about this restaurant, what food it served, what style or what to expect and due to dinner the night before being less than average I suppose I didn't have high hopes. If I had had high hopes, even these would have been exceeded. The food is superb and the service outstanding.

As we had a tasting menu, I have no idea what half the things we ate were, however I will try to explain. All dishes were served in the middle to share.

Dish 1: lobster with herbs & spices. You took the lobster and spooned some into a leaf which you wrapped up and ate. I'm a huge seafood lover and they were off to a fab start!

Dish 2: Soft boiled Duck? eggs, crumbed and with a barbeque like sauce. As you can tell I have no idea really what this was. I wouldn't have even tried it I it weren't for the Swashbuckling Pirate egging (get it?) me on. She thought it was great. So I put the half serving in my mouth, and was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I like it, I wanted more. I ave now learnt that these are called Son in Law Eggs.

Dish 3: Next up, steamed pork gyoza. I'm a huge gyoza fan and have become a little picky. These were amazing. I had Swashbuckling pirates share too.

Whole deep fried snapper in Chinese herbs & spices
Dish 4: Corn fritters with a. Sweet chili sauce. Not sure I'm doing these justice by calling them corn fritters.

Dish 5: Rabbit curry with rice and pickled cucumber & mushrooms. Must admit this was my least favorite dish but only because I'm not a huge rabbit fan. I wasn't concerned though as there was more than enough of the other plates to go around!

Dish 6: This was up there with one of my favorites. I'd never tried it before and I loved it so much that I am going to attempt to make it! Pumpkin curry with vegetables. Oh my wow. I'm in awe of this dish.

Gorgeous Gyoza
Dish 7: Whole deep fried snapper in Chinese herbs and spices with a tropical salad. Chef's specialty - and I know why. Yumm!!!!

Dish 8: Fresh lychees, raspberry & mango sorbet and green tea ice cream. Perfect finish to a scrumptious meal

Complements to the Chef!!

Near demolished desert
Most amazing Pumpkin Curry, pic doesn't do it justice.

CoCa Chu on Urbanspoon

4 February 2013

Hot choc heaven - Denim

Denim in South Bank has the most yummy hot chocs! And they're kind of novel too.

Comes out with just choc and marshmallows in a cup and the hot milk (soy in my case) separate ready for you to pour in and mix up.

I had soy chai latte here the other night though and it wasn't half as good. Tasted just like warm milk with honey.

I'll be sticking to the hot chocs!

Denim Co. on Urbanspoon