9 February 2013

To do list: New Zealand

I am heading to NZ for a month from April 25th (fitting I will be in New Zealand & Australia on ANZAC Day) and I am thinking of a list of items to tick off while I'm back..
I'll be adding to it frequently.
  1. Milk a cow 
  2. Swim in Lake Taupo. Yes it will be freezing
  3. Eat fish & chips at the beach. Don't care which one
  4. Build something on the farm with my Dad
  5. Go to 'work' with my Mum. She volunteers a few times a week at the Arohanui Hospice Shop
  6. Take my brothers out to party in Wellington or Taupo
  7. Visit the Tui Mangatainoka Brewery

Suggestions welcome! Hit me!

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