10 September 2012

We made it to the USA!

But our bags didn't.

Why am I always that lady running through the airport??!

We had to connect in LA to New York. We got through security easily and quickly only to wait for our bags for over an hour. We were the last ones there, no bags on the carousel and 25mins left before we were supposed to board our flight to NY at a different terminal. Suddenly our bags popped out and if we were to make our flight we had to run. Run to customs, run to luggage transfer, run to the bus, run to security, run to the gate and thankfully we just made it.

Although the plane trip seemed long, time flew -scuse the pun. Between movies, deleting 1,500 photos from my iPhone, the man snoring next to me, an extremely talkative (read annoying) lady on the previous flight and reading I also managed to have a decent nap.

And of course when we arrived in New York our luggage wasn't there. Evidently it will be delivered tomorrow morning to the hotel.

Thank god for the lovely chick we met at the airport who guided us around the train stations to get to downtown NY.

Now to find our way to our hotel in the middle of the night and hope they are awake to check us in.

Lucky New York is a city that doesn't sleep.

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  1. Hate to break it to you.. but it looks like some creepy stalker took a photo of you while you were sleeping!!!!